About Devon

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my living natural website. Most of my life I was just like any other American. I was eating fast food on a regular basis and more acclimated to the taste of soda than the actual quenching of water. I couldn’t even tell you how much of my budget was spent on snacks and junk from week to week.

In order to fix my life, I changed my health for the better without the need of prescriptions or monthly doctor visits and I learned to re-associate my taste buds with top-notch nutritious food, and have done away with the sugar cravings that plague our society. The craziest part Devon - The Community Creatorwas, I had never realized the way I was eating was a problem.

I was never obese. I wasn’t in great shape, but I was an average weight. I had always believed diet was only a problem if you were outside of a healthy physical metric. But once I was finally inspired, finally did the research, and finally took action, I learned that food goes far beyond just keeping your belly flat. Your mood, your mental clarity, your hair and nail health, and so many other things are overwhelmingly affected by the things you eat.

Even though this information is abundantly online, I feel that the lesser visible characteristics are underemphasized. This blog is my way of putting the spotlight on the lesser known benefits of eating and living naturally.

This is my way to help and I truly hope it reaches those that need it.

A Short Story Of Why I Adopted The Natural Lifestyle.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with some health problems. Soon after, I found myself ingesting about 6 different pills a day as well as an injection in my leg every night before bed. These medications were supposed to help counterbalance my internal chemistry and relieve me of all the depression and anxiety I had been amassing the previous few years. A couple years into the treatment and I was feeling worse than ever. My blood tests were showing almost no improvement in my hormone levels and It felt as if the treatment was doing nothing for me.

Desperate to balance out I started researching. I quickly became immersed in the philosophy of giving your body proper nutrients and allowing it to heal itself. I took a dive and did a complete 180 in my eating habits. Shopping trips turned into three-hour excursions as I obsessively had to read the labels and ingredients on every single item I purchased. After a few months, I started obsessively avoiding any food whose ingredients looked like a chemistry exam.

3 months into my new diet, I went back to the endocrinologist to get the result of my most recent blood test and voila! For the first time in 2 years, all of my hormones were within “normal range”. The doctor told me the treatment was finally working and that I should start feeling much better soon. But, the doctor didn’t know I hadn’t taken my medication for months.

I just fixed my diet and started moving more. Simple, right? Instead of spray on Pam, I started using extra virgin olive oil. In lieu of sugary cereal, I started eating high fiber whole grain brands. I cut dairy out of my diet almost entirely – which was awful, because I LOVE CHEESE!

Best of all, my mood adjusted. My brain fog was almost non-existent. I could wake up and get out of bed and start my day without 3 hours of staring at nothing. It always bothered me that I could be so depressed when there was seemingly nothing wrong. Turns out, my mind and body were decaying because I hadn’t given them the proper fuel in years. I never knew an Avocado could have stronger benefits than my prescriptions.


A Change In Status Quo.

We are all human beings. Human’s are social creatures. We need contact and communication and sometimes a set of eyes we can look into to remind us of our connections. I grew up in a poor family with a superhero of a mom. But mom was tired. It’s to be expected when you’re working full time and raising three kids by yourself. I had a twin sister and an older sister. While I had my family growing up, I always felt disconnected due to being the only male in the house. I wasn’t interested in Rocky Horror Picture Show or participating in evenings of pajamas and doing each other’s hair (I am not being sexist and generalizing gender, that is actually something my family used to do). With all that said, I spent a lot of time alone. The lone wolf habit followed me into adulthood.

We are all human beings

Loneliness isn’t a fact of life anymore. With the internet, we have online communities, forums, social media platforms, etc. You can seek out friends, people to talk to, people interested in the same things you are. Maybe you are a shy kid and feel lonely when you’re home. Maybe that loneliness has led you to a life of avoidance and fear of the outside world. I know what that is like and I don’t want that for you. Living naturally can give you confidence and make you feel good about yourself. This community is here to make sure you have people to connect with to help your “social human-ness” as well – if that is something you would want.

The world is more connected now that it has ever been. Nobody needs to be alone anymore.


The Goal Of The Same But Natural Community.

Changing your lifestyle is not an easy task. I used to try to do everything cold turkey as if I could just flip a switch and change. Truthfully, there is a lot of internal occurrences when you try to change a daily habit. This habit has essentially become one of the details that make you who you are, and that will never be something easy to change. Now, when I find something healthier or more advantageous than something I currently have in place, I make small incremental steps day by day to apply the change I want.

My diet was the first big change I made. I started snacking on healthy items at work instead of going out for Teriyaki at lunch. I started waking up earlier and giving myself the necessary time to enjoy a healthy breakfast – I generally try to keep breakfast high in protein. But all the while, I was cutting back but still consuming Subway sandwiches and Dairy Queen Blizzards. It took a bit of time but eventually, I found that my every item I was eating day to day was healthy. One day I blinked and realized I hadn’t drunk a soda in four months. Change is possible if you let yourself acclimate to the change – you do not need to force it to happen all at once.

On my, site you will find advice, recommendations, and a community of like-minded people discussing the topics I post as well as their own experiences and insights.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. In fact, I am dying to help you out. Even if you just need someone to message back and forth with you for a while – we have all been there.

All the best,

Devon Linn