Living A Healthy Lifestyle – Positivity From Positive Changes

Here at, The Same but Natural, we hugely advocate for the health benefits of mind and body when one moves to live a healthy lifestyle – particularly an all-natural and/ or organic diet with an active physical life.

The benefits of such a lifestyle can be seen in your physical appearance, as well as, felt inwardly by those who have adopted such a lifestyle. We aim to provide credible material that will help readers and the members of our community understand, make educated decisions, and incorporate healthier habits and alternatives into their everyday lives.

We do this by promoting incremental changes in diet that take place gradually over time to create new and sustainable habits that are healthier. The advice and products we advocate may promote longer living, lower chances of illness, and create a happier thinking environment in your mind.

What We Mean By a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a “healthy lifestyle” is pretty vague, right? Well, let’s try to be a bit more specific.

We as human beings are a single species on this blue marble. Yet, aside from domesticated animals, how often do you see obese animals? In fact, aside from physical failings through age and activity, how often do you see animals taking breaks from running because they’re struggling with their sugar levels? Having issues moving because of their asthma?

We stand by the notion that our bodies are incredibly durable things. We fall and scratch our knees, we simply give our bodies some time to heal. We can see this healing effect on the outside. So, we must be healing inside as well, right? It isn’t like we are skin walls containing non-repairable fragile antiquities.

Here at The Same but Natural, we wholeheartedly believe if you give your body the right material then your body will know what to do with it. Giving our bodies the right nutrients can aid in balancing hormones, burn fat, and often times even help things like premature balding and other defects we are particularly susceptible to due to genetic dispositions.

Real Change Moves Slow – Don’t Rush

One of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight or get healthy is trying to quit cold turkey or trying to make drastic changes overnight. Sustainable change happens in baby steps.

Do you want to start eating healthier to lose weight?

Change Happens In Baby StepsDon’t give yourself that “last time” experience of eating a truckload of junk food the night before your new diet is going to start. Don’t go through your kitchen in a moment of impulsivity and start throwing away all the “bad” items in your cupboards. Instead, start making small changes.

Instead of stopping in for a burger during your lunch break, bring healthier options to snack on – and try to make changes you know you can stick with. For me, I stopped buying out during lunch and started snacking on greek yogurt, almonds and kombucha tea (organic, carbonated, and root beer flavored).

Moving from sipping on cola at work to tea will make it much easier for you to shift your focus from tea to water, later.

Changing from coffee each morning to maybe a caffeinated, flavored BCAA powder and water mixture, will give you that morning caffeine you’ve become accustomed to while at the same time providing you with incredibly beneficial amino acids.

Changing from elevators to taking the stairs a couple times will slowly teach your body how to adjust to your heart rate and oxygen intake increasing more gradually – this one you will start to crave as time goes by.

Changes To Make Now

The obvious change that everyone should be striving for – water.

Even if you’re not able to kick that pesky, cola-induced, sugar addiction overnight (and it’s debatable that you should even try it this way), start replacing a couple of your routine daily sugar drinks for water or other non-caloric drinks like tea.

In regard to being physical, we believe one of the easiest movements to get you started – walking.

Walking for 45 minutes a day at a moderate level can burn up to an additional 250 calories – that’s 1750 calories a week. In addition to this, walking is gentle on your muscles, joints, and bones.Walking May Actually Make You Happy

Walking helps to improve your cardiovascular health, reduces chances of many health issues, including heart disease, and did you know studies have shown walking for 30 – 45 minutes a day may actually make you a happier person? Particularly, if you take a walk through nature.

People need time to grow. We need to adjust and learn about the changes that we are trying to adopt. Instead of throwing our your fridge and making the proclamation that the “new you” begins tomorrow, start learning in depth who this “new you” is. Then, start making small changes gradually over time and allow yourself to evolve into your image – especially for those of us over 30!

What’s More Important? Diet or Exercise?

Our writings tend to focus on a diet a lot of the time. But, the other piece of this puzzle is exercise. And this may be harder to adopt then changing your crackers our for fresh fruits and veggies.

You commonly read or hear people saying things like, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Often, people tend to lean one way or the other when it comes to diet or exercise being more important.

The fact is, they are both important.

We need to move. Did you know, as a human being, you’re capable of running longer distances than any animal on earth?

We are built to move. When we move, the amount of oxygen we take in increases. When our oxygen intake increases, our carbon dioxide output also increases. For those of you that do not know, we do not actually “burn” fat. Rather, over time we literally exhale fat from our bodies. About 84% of the weight we lose, is exhaled over time.

So which is more important, diet or exercise?

Personally, I think it’s best to not bother trying to distinguish importance levels. Would you drive your car with no gas in the tank? Would you buy gas if it didn’t help your car perform?

We need to fuel ourselves – diet. We need to use that fuel and not just store it up over time – exercise. If you adjust your diet to something more healthy and caloric restrictive, without exercise, then you are going to probably still lose some weight. Contrarily, if you start exercising without adjusting your diet, then you are probably still going to lose some weight. But if you adjust your diet and incorporate a more physical life and start utilizing that sweet, sweet oxygen, then you are definitely going to lose weight along with a never-ending list of other benefits – both internally and externally.

Don’t limit yourself by deciding one or the other is more important. Learn to embrace both in ways that you love and can sustain and enjoy the health benefits.

We Are Here To Help

Change is not easy. We all find our routines and sweet spots and have a hard to steering away from them. But nobody wants to be the person that never changes. Nobody wants to be the person that never grew up or never took notice of their own life or health. If ever you have questions, need advice, or need someone to speak with, just know, there is a whole community of people here devoted to helping themselves and anyone else who strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are here, and we care about you.

We are here to help anytime you need


We definitely do not have the answers to everything. Any insight, comments, feedback, criticisms, corrections or even just an opinion you would like to throw at us is always welcomed! I encourage you to leave a comment below and get engaged with our community.