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What is the best diet plan for weight loss?

There are thousands of different diet plans. Each one of them having a wide range of results – or lack thereof – for a wide range of participants. There are diet plans catered to people with diabetes, obesity, nutrition deficiencies, and even maintenance diets for maintaining your current level. With all this information online, it can be overwhelming to find which one is right for you and almost impossible to figure out which is the ‘best’.

How does weight loss work?

Weight loss, in and of itself, is very simple. Every item you eat can be equated to calories. Calories are a unit of measurement representing heat energy. This means calories represent the volume of energy being ingested.

So what does this mean?

In a nutshell, this simply means in order to lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories. For many, fixing your diet and re-balancing your caloric intake into a deficit is enough to see some weight loss. But, we all know, weight loss isn’t optimized by only starting a new diet plan.

A mixture of diet and exercise is crucial if you want to see optimal results. This is particularly true if you want faster results.

How to ‘burn’ fat.

Have you ever asked how exactly our bodies ‘burn’ fat?

Once again, the short answer is, we don’t.

When we eat something, it essentially follows a one-way street from the entrance (mouth) to the exit (not mouth) of our bodies. Nutrients are absorbed after food is broken down during digestion. All the stuff the body didn’t use, exits through the ‘not mouth.’

Ruben Meerman gave an informative Ted Talk a few years ago titled “The mathematics of weight loss.” He described his process for determining what happens to the fat we lose and even showed a high-level view of the chemical conversions of how he came to his conclusion.

Breathing more leads to weight lossAs it turns out, 100 percent of the fat we lose, gets relieved from our bodies as… drum roll please… an exhale!

Yep. We literally breathe out the fat we lose. So turns out, we don’t really ‘burn’ fat at all. We exhale it. Meerman shows us the math and reveals we exhale about 84 percent of our fat as carbon dioxide, and the remaining 16 percent as hydrogen.

Given that last tidbit, we now know in order to lose weight and body fat, we need to breathe more.

How do we breathe more? We elevate our heart rates to require more oxygen.

How do we elevate our heart rates? We move our bodies in ways (get your mind out of the gutter).

Let’s put together what we have learned from Mr. Meerman. In order to lose weight, we need to eat at a caloric deficit and we need to elevate our heart rates. Let’s make this really simple – In order to lose weight:

Eat Less, Breath More (movement)!

What is the best diet plan for weight loss?

Here we are. Finally, getting to the point. What is the best diet plan for finally exhaling that weight we have come to resent so much? Drum roll, please…

None of them!

Rather, I mean none of them specifically. Really, the best diet plan for weight loss is going to depend entirely on the person trying to lose weight. A great option for someone who struggles lose weight would be to see your doctor and get a couple tests. With these, you can find answers to questions like:

  • Do I have any food allergies?
  • Do I have tolerance issues with gluten? Dairy?
  • Do I have any vitamin deficiencies?
  • How is my cardiovascular health? Blood pressure? Resting heartbeat?
  • How are your glucose levels? Insulin levels? Cortisol levels?

This is where the type of calories you are ingesting becomes important. Not directly for weight loss, an underlying issue that may be preventing weight loss effectively. Personally, similar to many Seattle-tonians, I had a major D deficiency. Along with this, I had some severe hormone deficiencies.

My endocrinologist had me on an assortment of prescriptions and even an injection to stabilize my insulin and hormone levels. But something strange happened. After I lost my job and couldn’t afford the prescriptions anymore I became obsessed with diet.

Some months later I went in for a blood test, and all of my hormones and everything on my metabolic panel was in normal range for the first time in five years (this is several months after I could no longer afford my medication). This is why I have come to believe in natural health so intently.

Humor us. Give us a few popular and effective diet plans for weight loss.

I personally fare better with small incremental changes that progress to new habits. But, others find it more efficient to make changes through detailed plans.

There are so many diet plans out there. I wouldn’t be able to speak about each plans efficiency from a personal perspective. I obviously have not tried them all. However, US news has created a comprehensive and extensive list (along with ratings) of diet plans for a wide range of emphases.

Follow this link for a huge list of diet plans!

                                                                                               Click here to see an abundance of diet plans. Including a rated list of diet plans for weight loss.


So What Do I Need To Do In Order To Lose Weight?

This has been a lot of information to take in all at once. But ultimately, and what I have been hoping to convey in this writing, is losing weight is very simple. Take in less, move more.

You do not need to waste money on expensive plans and programs to lose weight. Start eating healthy and moving your body in ways you enjoy, and even if it takes a while, you and those around you will eventually begin noticing the changes in your appearance.

If you would like to leave a comment, question, feedback, or angry message as to why you disagree with me, feel free to post it below!